Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reuters Busted With Fox-Style Phony Picture

If this isn't Wag The Dog propaganda I don't know what is.
We're being sold a massive lie to justify a military takeover in Libya. Gaddafi's demonetization started up like somebody flipped a switch, exactly like the agitprop against Saddam that began overnight in September, 2002.
We should realize they're taking their time with this chapter in the Big Resource Grab playbook. They want to float all sorts of bullshit to make it all sink in that military takeover is justifiable and inevitable. Rebels are winning, no they're not, Gaddafi is strafing protesters, no he's not, Gaddafi fled, Gaddafi had plastic surgery, Libyan government is using nukes.

Now we see Reuters getting exposed with the same phony, emotion tugging, opinion molding fake bullshit that Faux gets busted with all the time. The whole idea is to create a consensus that a military takeover is all about the Libyan peoples' welfare when in reality it's all about a fig leaf for the latest CIA overthrow.

Libya: Reuters Hoaxes The World (pictures can be enlarged at linked source, with good research legwork)

"This photo is posted on several blogs across the internet with the caption and credits to Reuters. At first glance the photo looks convincing but looking at it for merely a second, one huge mistake sticks out. The date, 06/29/1996 with the number 1200 is printed right next to it. If this is a picture of “a protester looking at photos of protesters who were killed during the last few days”, what does the date mean??

On June 29, 1996 there was a massacre at Abu Slim prison and the families have been demanding justice ever since! The picture is from a memorial commemorating the victims and NOT as the captions claim."


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