Thursday, March 10, 2011

Your Mandatory Daily Holocaust Reminder

Israel must be about to murder some Arabs because the MSM is all Wave The Swastika Day.

Accused MLK Bomb Plotter's Alleged Ties to Neo-Nazi Movement 3/10/2011

"The man accused in the failed Martin Luther King Day bomb plot in Spokane, Wash., has reported links to the white supremacist movement, including a past membership in a neo-Nazi group.
Kevin William Harpham, arrested Wednesday and charged with attempting to use a "weapon of mass destruction" in the foiled Jan. 17 plot, appears to have made over 1,000 posts on online forums at the extreme rightwing website Vanguard News Network.

Harpham, who apparently posted under his own name and then an alias, was active in the forums until a day before the bomb scare. More than a week before that, Harpham was one of several users who offered to house prominent white nationalist Craig Cobb. Cobb is on the run from Canadian authorities for alleged hate crimes and had called his supporters to launch violent attacks in the name of white supremacy, according to a report by the Vancouver Sun."

Photos of Hitler’s Wife Stir the Web 3/10/2011

A somber Patrick tours Holocaust museum on cold, rainy Israeli day 3/10/2011

"JERUSALEM – The mood of Governor Deval Patrick’s trade mission to Israel shifted considerably this afternoon as the delegates departed from business and government meetings to tour Israel’s Holocaust memorial and museum, Yad Vashem, on a cold and rainy Israeli day.
None was unmoved and many were crying as they walked through a candlelit hall bearing the names, ages, and hometowns of children who died in the Holocaust or, inside a dome, looked around at the seemingly endless bound volumes with the names of 4 million dead.
Many declined to eat lunch when the tour ended."
"Patrick performed several rituals at the museum on behalf of Massachusetts residents, a tradition for American political leaders."

Is the governor running for higher office and making the requisite pilgrimage to hand in his resume?
Wait a minute, four million?


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