Monday, March 07, 2011


"Excitement is not always clean"

Drag Queen Of The Century Divine (19 October 1945 – 7 March 1988)

I've always liked John Waters, a director who just didn't give a shit, a director who loved the off beat and macabre and made movies that severely pushed the envelope. His earlier efforts are some of the most celebrated cult films ever put to film. William Burroughs called him “the Pope of Trash”.
Divine figured in a bunch of flicks he put to celluloid:

He/she was born Harris Glenn Milstead and got involved with Waters in his beloved Baltimore. Actually, to hell with Waters' later, more mainstream films like "Serial Mom" and "Hairspray" - the raw, fun, uncultured smut he churned out with Divine in his earlier years will be classics decades from now. Most people think "Pink Flamingos" was his/hers magnum opus but in my opinion "Female Trouble" was Divine's defining moment.

watch "Female Trouble" here.


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