Sunday, March 06, 2011

Good summation by Icke but I'd toss a few more things in the mix.
The manipulators always do things for multiple reasons, like an onion with many layers. It's not too hard to see now that the brave Egyptians in the streets were used as dupes. Just a fig leaf for a reshuffling keeping the same power brokers in place but allowing some public anger steam to blow off.
But what else are the reptile overlords trying to accomplish with fomenting chaos? One thing is a pre emptive strike on the spreading threat of Islamic banking to established money and power. In Islamic banking by Sharia law you can't make money out of thin air and you can't charge usery making them extremely attractive to people.
Apparently just like Manuel Noriega who opposed an invasion of Nicaragua in the 80s, Mubarak opposed war on Iran, and tiny Bahrain wasn't quick enough to get on board that train. Bahrain is of utmost importance to empire - the US fifth fleet is based there and the government simply must be a compliant lapdog.
Another layer of the chaos the manipulators are achieving is an economic war on Europe. The US is completely bankrupt and without options except to sabotage rivals. About ten years ago when Gaddafi chose to open up to european nations, they poured in to invest in oil, construction and markets. The major countries to the north get a hefty chunk of their oil and gas from Libya. Needless to say any prolonged conflict in North Africa is going to hurt them, not only with energy needs but socially as well with an influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees.
Nervousness in the oil markets is yet another plus for the elites. Prices are going to go sky high and they're about to make a shitload, especially when they get their planned wars on.
Bet the farm on this - when oil gets to $150 a bbl or so we're going to hear a hue and cry from the big boys to drill everywhere, offshore and the Arctic Refuge, everywhere, because national security is at stake, donchaknow.


Blogger michael tew said...

Icke is also suggesting that the uprising in Egypt could result in a better situation as long as the protesters do not cave in to business as usual, and so far, it appears that quite a few of them are aware of this. Yesterday’s actions where the people raided the HQ of the state police in order to gain control of the documents which would allow the prosecution of the torturers shows that they understand that this is a long way from over. Very high unemployment means that millions of people are available to continue the protests and this is not working to the benefit of the rulers. Failure is not inevitable.

In Libya the situation is less encouraging. Non-violent resistance does not mean there will be no casualties, and taking up arms, creating a civil war, is much less likely to result in a favorable outcome IMHO. All that oil is another problem.

It’s too early to say whether or not the end result will be the imposition of a global police state. TPTB have been building towards this goal for a very long time – the opposition remains disorganized. Nonetheless there have been considerable gains in personal freedom, access to information and improvements in quality of life, health and longevity. Most of the people have been slaves of one stripe or another for thousands of years, but we are better off than our great-grandparents despite the rapacious greed, technological sophistication and callous brutality of the elite. Keep a good thought.

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