Saturday, March 05, 2011

History Theft To Go Along With Organ Theft

Engineered Chaos In North Africa And The Middle East Gives Black Operators Easy Access To Priceless Artifacts And Antiquities

"There is very little question that what is happening in the Middle East is part of a large de-stabilization effort engineered by the globalists to steer various revolutions and opposition movements into a situation that is favorable to them. The fact that we see almost every country in North Africa and the Middle East descend into turmoil and revolution is not something that happens accidently. Due to rising food prices and a lack of jobs these nations were already ripe for revolution and the globalists have simply decided to kick start them so that it is easier for them to generate the desired outcome. Although control is certainly one reason for these staged revolutions, there are other reasons for the globalists to create chaos in this part of the world. In an area where a huge portion of the world’s oil is drilled from, the uncertainty for the future of the area is already causing a huge spike in its price. This allows the globalists to put more economic pressure on the Middle Class in Western countries especially in the United States where the economy relies heavily upon imported oil. But another reason for the engineered chaos that is mostly over looked by many in the various research communities is the opportunity the chaos provides for black operators to loot museums, archeological sites and any other area that has priceless antiquities dating back to the ancient world.

Following the invasion of Iraq by the United States in 2003, the Baghdad museum was looted and many priceless artifacts were stolen and sold on the black market. The U.S. military even setup bases on Iraqi archeological sites. One of the agendas the globalists have always had is to conceal the true history of humanity and many of these artifacts represent pieces of evidence that if put together could paint a much different picture of our past. The Middle East is widely believed to be the cradle of civilization in the post flood world and is where many of today’s major world religions have originated from. Today’s religious figures in the priest class elite would stand to lose a great deal of control and power over their flocks if information contrary to their explanations of human history were to be known to most people. Therefore, it is in their best interest to seize antiquities and artifacts from the ancient world that predate the origins of Christianity and other religions"

Just like the pre arranged looting of the Iraqi museums when that country was invaded in 2003, where buses pulled up and looters piled out to rape Mesopotamia, it's apparent this manufactured chaos has it's intended side benefits also.
One of the ziofascist goals is to destroy ancient heritage of every civilization around the middle east. The Ashkenazi jews in their apartheid terrorist state with their phony "history" of a promised land can't stand the rich evidence of real history from real cultures that surrounds them on all sides. Every time the ziofascists pull their contrived war shit in the middle east an ancillary agenda is to get rid of competing historical narratives, until that disgusting, vainglorious point in the future where only their fabrications are still around.


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