Friday, February 04, 2011

Say A Quick Hello And Goodbye To 2011 CQ1

Very close shave! NEO to come within 12,000 km of Earth today, February 4!

"The newly discovered object, officially designated 2011 CQ1, will make a close Earth approach today February 04, 2011 around 19:40UT at ~0.03(LD)/0.00008(AU) or 11855 km.

2011 CQ1 has been discovered by R. A. Kowalski few hours ago in the course of the "Catalina Sky Survey" with a 0.68-m Schmidt + CCD. The object was moving at roughly 6 "/min and it was of magnitude ~19. According to its absolute magnitude H=32 this is a very small object, in the order of 2-3 meters."

I happened to be outside and facing in the right direction to catch a very bright bolide quickly light everything up like it was daytime.


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