Friday, February 04, 2011

Alert: CBS Outlet Calls For Chemtrail Pics

Fire Away!

"OK, they want photos. So, let's send them photos! The following article from an Atlanta CBS affiliate (I know..) ran a piece and is claiming to want to know more. So, let's give it to them.

Here's the story excerpt from the intelhub post on BIN today:

"Looks like the subject of chemtrails got some mainstream coverage out of Atlanta when a local CBS affiliate ran a story televising details.

CBS – “These are literally crimes against humanity, nature,” said Michael Murphy, a chemtrail researcher from Los Angeles. Murphy produced a documentary about the so-called chemtrail cover-up. He said he believes the chemicals in the chemtrails, aluminum, barium and others are making us sick.

CBS is requesting pictures to be sent to them of chemtrails along with comments.

CBS Atlanta wants your chemtrail pictures. Send them to

Send away, people! I've sent a big batch and they've posted them! Maybe someone will listen!

More important---Then contact your local paper, weather channel, EPA office, local government, and say "Why aren't YOU doing something about publicising this outrage like they are?"

If you google your local papers for their contact information, you'll get a list of reporters and editors and their email addresses. Bcc them all! But be polite and let them know you're "so happy someone is finally willing to finally address this subject that's been in our faces for so long and polluting our skies etc." like this is gonna catch on. "Will someone here be brave enough too?"..or however you want to phrase it.

This is a chance to unload."

I have a whole bunch on one of my old machines I'll have to dig through, but I'm sending these two for now. The one from ground level is from here in the SW, the remarkable satellite shot I found online.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! Whats interesting is how they bring on "the authority" a weather researcher from Georgia Tech Dr. St.John who denies that chemtrails are happening and says that conntrails take on "different shapes and forms". The gov's position is that this isn't happening, but if one just looks up at the sky, it's happening all the time. For those of us who are older than 20years old, we can't remember this happening before the nineties.

I had emailed the science editor of my paper in Northern California and never received an answer back, not even a reply, nada, which is typical response for main stream media.

5/2/11 12:51 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

You're absolutely correct anon - nobody looks up! And even if people do for the most part they have no frame of reference for what they see.
As far as cognizance of what's going on I don't think it's a huge conspiracy except at the top of the pyramid. People are simply ignorant, including the weather guy I contacted at KATU in Portland about 10 years ago.

11/2/11 4:39 PM  

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