Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Felony Drug Charges For A Shopping List

Pekin man faces meth charges

"PEKIN, Ill. —A Pekin man went shopping for a mixture of suspicious items Wednesday and now sits in jail on felony drug charges.

Cody Leveque, 23, of 2005 Market St., was charged Friday in Tazewell County Circuit Court on one count each of participating in the manufacture of a substance containing methamphetamine and possession of materials to make the illegal drug. Bond was set at $50,000.

Employees at the Kroger store in Pekin alerted police Wednesday that Leveque had just purchased items including a gallon of Coleman fuel, five boxes of Diamond Head matches and a box of pseudoephedrine, all of which are substances used in producing meth.

Using the employees’ description of Leveque’s car, police found him standing outside it and recovered the items.

Leveque has previous convictions for burglary and 11 misdemeanors, according to court records."

Short article, scant information, but very troubling nonetheless.
It actually does not matter that the items this guy bought will help in making speed. The cops apparently went one step too many, way beyond what they should have been able to do. They arrested him under the presumption that he was going to do something illegal rather than because he was doing something illegal.
If I read between the lines the guy was still in the parking lot when they handcuffed him. He never even went anywhere, so that rules out finding evidence elsewhere.
Paranoid thugs with badges can think up all nutball reasons to find you guilty if this stands. Got a garden? That bag of fertilizer means you're going to blow something up. You're lying about tomatoes creep, we know those grow lights are for pot. Tire iron, gloves and a roll of tape in the trunk, huh? We've seen these burgling tools before, Second Story Man. You won't get to use those extra boxes of ammo, scumbag, because we're busting your ass for a pre crime shooting spree.
And notice the last sentence in the above piece. In a court of law that wouldn't be admissable evidence, but the rag felt it was good to include it for your consideration as if they felt they had to prove in your mind the bullshit cop behavior was somehow justifiable.


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