Sunday, February 20, 2011

All The Non Food, Empty Calories You'll Need For An Entire Day

New McDonald's meal a fat-filled gut-buster

"MCDONALD'S new Favourites Combo meal contains enough calories for a whole day, horrifying nutritionists.

It contains 1623 calories and 68.5g of fat.

It's McDonald's new Favourites Combo - being promoted as a lunch meal for one, which contains almost the entire daily recommended calorie and fat intake.

Tania Ferraretto, a dietician for 17 years, said she would never recommend anyone eat the calorific meal.

She said a person's required calorie intake was variable depending on age, gender and activity level but that the average adult needed about 2000 calories per day.

"This McDonald's meal is a huge proportion of that," Ms Ferraretto said. The meal is also dangerously high in saturated fat - containing a whopping 24.4g.

"That's more saturated fat in one meal than you need in one day," Ms Ferraretto said."

Big Mac: 493 calories, 26.9g fat
Cheeseburger: 285 calories, 12.5g fat
Med. French fries: 368 calories, 19.8g fat
Med. Coca-Cola: 148 calories, no fat
Reg. chocolate sundae: 329 calories, 9.3g fat

It's no secret that this stuff never deteriorates and decays in those art projects where hamburgers and fries are left on a shelf and photographed over time. It's not just the chemicals, it's because it's not food. Insects avoid it, even bacteria shun the stuff because there's nothing that they want from it. Only human mouthbreathers consume the garbage making them obese and sick.
The poisons also enhance an individual's attraction to all fast food's subtle manipulations, making it one filthy endless circle.


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