Saturday, February 19, 2011


Nerves were already jittery those days, and then this thing appeared.

The Battle Of Los Angeles making Hollywood History

"On March 11, 2011 and March 15, 2011, there are two Hollywood films being released. Battle: Los Angeles, a 100 million dollar film starring Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan and Battle Of Los Angeles, which is being called a "Mockbuster" film starring; Kel Mitchell, Nia Peeples and Theresa Jun Tao.

The third film being made is Jose Escamillas' "The Battle of Los Angeles" the fact filled documentary of what really happened on February 25, 1942. This event is the story premise behind the two Hollywood films.

In Jose Escamilla's film, you are taken there to experience the Battle as it occurred. Over a million people witnessed our military firing at a huge UFO that hovered over Culver City California for more than an hour and a half.The searchlights, the sireens and the militarys' constant barrage upon this object caused more damage to the neighborhoods below, than to the object itself.

Thousands of rounds of anti-aircraft shrapnel were fired at what was described as being a five hundred foot in diameter craft from another world.

The UFO traveled slowly all the way down to Long Beach and it was fired upon by the military at Fort MacArthur again remaining unscathed by the fire power. The UFO headed southward toward Seal Beach when it suddenly darted back to Culver City in seconds as described by many who were witnessing this "Mystery Invader" as it made its way across the inland areas back to its destination over Culver City. It again remained motionless above the communities below while the military opened up another barrage of fire.

The object then hovered a half hour before flying away over the Pacific Ocean never to be seen again.

This was just part of the events that went down that early morning. While the huge UFO was being fired upon, many eyewitnesses reported seeing "mystery planes" high above in many parts of the skies over Southern California.

These mystery planes numbered from ten to as many as fifty, that were coming in from the Pacific Ocean and being lit up by searchlights. Some of these mystery planes were silver in color and appeared like airplanes. but were traveling much faster and had a "mysterious look" to them. They too were being fired upon while the huge UFO was being attacked.

The event started at 2:25 am on February 25, 1942, eleven weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Only a few days before a Japanese submarine fired on an oil rig near Santa Barbara, but nothing was damaged. Los Angeles was on "black out alert" so the night of the UFO visitor, our military and citizens who were volunteer Air Raid Wardens were on the alert and ready for the possibility of California being attack by the Japanese."

thnx to Lesley at The Debris Field


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