Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Very Easy To Navigate Around This Whole Bunch Of Stupid

Netflix Is Abandoning DVDs, Customers Who Prefer DVDs

"When Netflix started up more than 10 years ago, its sales pitch was pretty simple: Hey, subscribe to us, and we'll mail you DVDs that you can then mail back to us without worrying about any late fees. But as the rental market moves toward online and on-demand models, Netflix's iconic red envelopes may eventually become as antiquated as VHS tapes. Beefing up their streaming business, Netflix has predicted that in about two years their economics will be geared more toward their "Watch Instantly" service than through physical discs. For that to happen, Netflix will have to nudge their DVD-loyal customers to the new platform. And on Monday, the company learned just how hard that may be.
In a seemingly innocent 109-word blog post, Netflix director of product management Jamie Odell announced, "We're removing the 'Add to DVD Queue' option from streaming devices," suggesting that it was being done so that the company "can concentrate on offering you the titles that are available to watch instantly." Granted, the Netflix website still allows DVD queue updating, but this post, dropped on the morning of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, created an
immediate firestorm of comments -- most of them very, very angry."

I used Netflix for a few years, and Blockbuster too, getting disks in the mail. It was fine, and wifey and I enjoyed the ability to watch a giant boatload of movies at our leisure on a big screen TV. The selections were much better than what was available at the local rental stores. Arcane titles could be found. The prices were great.
That was then, and it's all different now.
You can download and watch just about any movie in existence for free now without going through an intermediary, much the same as being able to talk to jeebus without seeing a minister or priest. It's very, very easy. I have hundreds of movies downloaded - so many that I'm going to buy an external drive to move them to.
All you have to do is download a DivX player and associated software and go to any number of movie data dumps to see every movie that has ever been filmed for free. Just make sure you download the player from the DivX site rather than a proxy site to make sure you get the real deal.
Also make sure the movies you download are in english if that's the language you want.


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