Monday, January 17, 2011

Stock Up

'Explosive' Food Prices the Biggest Risk: Analyst

Food Prices To Go Up

"Nowhere to Hide" from Rising Food Prices

I've seen this coming for a number of years. It's too late to do what we did - slowly build up food reserves and make sure you have the tools necessary for when things get dicey, like grain grinders and water purification pumps. I won't say how many years my wife and I could live without seeing the inside of a store; let me just allow that if they all closed we wouldn't worry. At this point the only things tardy folks can do is fill their cupboards the best they can, back up their abilities to cook if they're able and keep eyes out for last minute deals, like cheap meat as growers get rid of stock because they can't feed the animals.

Grains are going to get scarce and bread and cereal prices will go through the roof unless the government subsidizes that particular commodity. Buy giant sacks of flour for pan bread and buscuits.
Buy as much cooking oil as you can, especially olive oil which will keep you healthy. Imported food will disappear first.
Join Costco, olive oil is still less than $20 a gallon and you'll make back the $50 membership fee in one shopping trip.
Think years of repetitive bland diet so get condiments if you can.
Make absolutely sure you have a source of clean water nearby and the ability to cart it home and store it.
Vinegar and baking soda are precious beyond belief.
You cannot hoard too much rice and beans.
Get seeds and grow a garden.
Do it. The food riots have begun.


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