Sunday, January 30, 2011

Military Jets Try To Terrorize Protestors In Cairo

I'm riveted to Aljazeera's Live Stream this morning. Jets and helicopters have flown low over the tens of thousands demonstrating in Tahrir Square.

The situation is now getting far more intense with the relations between the demonstrators and the military souring by the hour. Apparently the people welcomed the army yesterday but today as tanks and armored vehicles continue to pour into Cairo, along with the intimidation overflights, there seems to be an expectation that something's brewing a la Tienanmen Square in 1989.
Embassies seem to know something:

Israeli embassy staff evacuate Egypt

US and Turkey evacuate nationals

There's a lot of chaos at Egyptian airports.
The way I look at this, everything has crossed the Rubicon and and there's no turning back. At this point it doesn't make any difference if there was outside influence in instigating this explosion of pent up anger or if it was genuine spontaneous combustion. The Egyptian people have lost all fear of Mubarak's thugocracy. Nothing like this has ever happened during his decades long regime. This can go in any direction over the next hours and days but the people won't ever go back to their frightened, passive silence.
There seems to be negotiations going on with the army and the protesters.
Whenever the aircraft fly over the crowds roar "go away!"
I just heard new chants from the massive crowd - "Mubarak must hang."
Aljezeera in Cairo has been shut down.
The entire country is now under curfew.
The lame Clinton douchebag has been on Sunday gabfests with ambiguous diplospeak emanating from her piehole.
I have the sense of this being a turning point, much like the fascist 9/11 false flag lollapalooza. It's going to determine a lot of what follows.


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