Sunday, January 30, 2011

Psycho OverlordsTo Finish Their Extinction Event

Globalists Plan for Underwater Nuclear Reactors

"As if the BP and Exxon Valdez oil spills did not damage the earth and it’s occupants enough, the globalists now want to install nuclear reactors on the sea floor.

Not only does this seem like an extremely bad choice environmentally, and even for the future of our existence; it posses a risk of being a target of terrorism. How would they protect such an underwater reactor?

Known as the Flexblue, and developed by a French naval defense company, the underwater reactor is deemed to be cutting edge.

This is what the DCNS website had to say:

“DCNS, for its part, has announced its innovative Flexblue concept following preliminary studies lasting over two years. Flexblue is a small nuclear power plant producing 50 to 250 MWe designed to be installed on the seafloor off the coast of maritime nations.”


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