Friday, January 28, 2011

Here Comes Criminal Status For Cash Users

You might buy something the fascists won't know about.

California Residents Hit With Government Ban On Paying By Cash

"Residents of Discovery Bay, California will be the first in the country to be officially denied the right to use cash to pay for public services, in a move that echoes the Department of Homeland Security’s drive to depict those who use physical money as potential terrorists.

As reported by the Contra Costa Times recently, from May onwards, residents will no long be allowed to pay water bills or purchase park permits after the Discovery Bay Community Services District board voted to ban cash transactions for all services.

Anyone paying for such public services must do so with a credit/debit card, a check or money order.

The declaration on all US money bills that “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private” will no longer apply in Discovery Bay when it comes to paying the government.

One former director on the District Board told the Times that he believes the move has come in response to a small amount of anonymous requests for copies of public records, which were then paid for in cash, a perfectly legal right.

Residents of the town have been described as “uncommonly antagonistic toward local government”, and former director David Piepho believes some are attempting to use public records “to be like snipers and take shots.”

He believes that by banning cash payments, the local government will be able to identify who these individuals are or prevent them from requesting further public information.

However, district representatives have denied those claims, instead suggesting that the ban is being put in place because handling cash puts city officials under threat from potential thieves.

The ruling sets a dangerous precedent, not only in that it effectively limits access to public records, but also particularly in light of the fact that the federal government is pushing an agenda to identify those who exclusively use cash to pay for things and do not own credit cards as suspicious and potential terrorists."


Blogger michael tew said...

The authorities are showing how nervous they are. Can't use cash, shut down the internet, train the marines for urban guerrilla warfare, build FEMA concentration camps. They know that as the economy continues to collapse there will be consequences.

The second great depression won't stay within the boundaries of propaganda. For a long time the fascists have been promoting the idea that all of this economic mayhem is the result of banks being obliged to make mortgages available to minorities. An argument designed to appeal to ignorant racists. Young people will not be convinced by that nonsense, and it is the young who will be on the front lines of revolt. Kids rightly view schools with contempt and they don’t believe the “news”. The globalists overreached with the 911 atrocity and payback is gonna be a bitch.

Everybody can see what is happening in Egypt, and that response can go global in no time.

See you at the barricades.

28/1/11 6:31 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

It sure looks like global revolution has started with a bang, and you're correct - the overlords are really worried.
Egypt has actually shown the world and especially us americans the real reason for an internet "kill switch", although most dullards here won't get the message.
Going to be an interesting year Michael.

28/1/11 7:23 AM  

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