Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Propaganda To Make Us Think The Mexican Border Fence Was Worth It

Smugglers catapult pot over border fence

"TUCSON - Smugglers using a catapult to launch marijuana across the border were observed on a remote video surveillance system, and National Guard troops coordinated with Mexican authorities to disrupt the far-flung operation.

the giggly, dry mouthed, pizza ordering instrument of doom

On Friday evening, National Guard troops operating a remote video surveillance system at the Naco Border Patrol Station observed several people south of the International Boundary Fence preparing a catapult and launching packages over the International Border fence, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Border Patrol agents working with the National Guard contacted Mexican authorities, who went to the location and disrupted the catapult operation. The camera showed the individuals fleeing the area before they could be intercepted by Mexican authorities.

The Mexican officials seized about 45 pounds of marijuana, a sport utility vehicle, and the catapult device."

Jeebus, the stupid drivel we're supposed to swallow. The "border fence" is a complete farce, easily blown up, dug under, climbed over and even driven over:

and I can testify that I saw those materials used to construct the asinine so called barrier when I drove from El Paso to Columbus, NM two years ago when they were building it.
45 pounds of pot?
The CIA probably imports 45 TONS of pot every fucking week.


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