Friday, January 21, 2011

Dead Man Comes Alive To Aid Another Zionist

Sarkozy's rating near record low

"French President Nicolas Sarkozy's started the year with his approval rating just barely above an all-time low as a 2012 presidential election looms, a poll published on Tuesday.

The president's approval rating has fallen to 34 percent from 36 percent in December, according to a survey of 1,021 people on Jan. 6-7 by pollsters IFOP.

Sarkozy's rating is now just one percentage point above a record low reached after his party put in a poor showing in regional elections last April, IFOP said."

Bin Laden threatens France in new message

"CAIRO (AP) — Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden called on France to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan in exchange for releasing French hostages being held by affiliates of the extremist group, according to a new audio message broadcast on an Arabic news channel Friday."The exit of your hostages out of the hands of our brothers depends on the exit of your troops from Afghanistan," bin Laden said in the message broadcast by al-Jazeera.Bin Laden reminded the French people of President Nicolas Sarkozy's refusal in November to withdraw the French troops from Afghanistan and to negotiate with al-Qaeda over the hostages."Your president's rejection is a result of being a hireling to America and a green light to kill the hostages ... his stand will cost you a high price on different aspects inside or outside France," he said.

Bin Laden mocked the French, saying they did not have the ability to fight his organization due to their poor economy.

"The size of your debts and the weakness of your budget will not allow you to open a new front," he said."

"And I fart in your general direction, you cheese eating surrender monkeys!"
Seriously, waving this corpse around and issuing ultimatums gets stupider every time they do it. But enough dullards will believe in this sham external threat so it will allow zionist governments to appear all butch and allow them to continue the phony war on a noun. Throw in a convenient false flag "attack" and the mouthbreathers will rally around a zionist shill like Sarko, giving him a boost in popularity.


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