Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cops Get Indoctrinated In Muslim Hate

NYPD officers shown Muslim-bashing film in counter-terror training

"New York Police Department officers who showed up for mandatory counter-terrorism training were shown a "spectacularly offensive" anti-Muslim film claiming that American Muslims are secretly plotting to take over the country, a news report alleged Wednesday.The news is further evidence that US law enforcement agencies are turning to extremist anti-Islamic "consultants" to provide training for terrorism investigations.According to the Village Voice's Tom Robbins, the NYPD used a film called "The Third Jihad" in training sessions this month. Robbins described the film as
"72 minutes of gruesome footage of bombing carnage, frenzied crowds, burning American flags, flaming churches, and seething mullahs. All of this is sandwiched between a collection of somber talking heads informing us that, while we were sleeping, the international Islamist Jihad that wrought these horrors has set up shop here and is quietly going about its deadly business. This is the final drive in a 1,400-year-old bid for Muslim world domination, we're informed."

Admitting that it was a "wacky movie," deputy NYPD commissioner Paul Browne initially told the
Voice that the film had never been shown to officers. "It was reviewed and found to be inappropriate," he said. Browne then revised his statement and said the film was shown "a couple of times when officers were filling out paperwork before the actual coursework began."

But the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) says it received a complaint from a police cadet about the film last summer, suggesting it may have been shown much more frequently, and for a longer period, than the NYPD claims.

The news comes as reports accumulate that US law enforcement agencies are using the services of anti-Muslim extremists who have fashioned themselves as counter-terrorism "experts."

At a counter-terror conference in Las Vegas last fall, consultant Walid Shoebat declared that the solution to militant Islamists is "to kill them, including the children" -- an assertion that reportedly got a positive reception from many in the audience.

In a lengthy investigation of the US's intelligence apparatus earlier this month, the Washington Post reported that "in their desire to learn more about terrorism, many [police] departments are hiring their own trainers. Some are self-described experts whose extremist views are considered inaccurate and harmful by the FBI and others in the intelligence community."

The Voice reported that an outside consulting film was responsible for bringing "The Third Jihad" into the NYPD, but the consultant was not identified."

You can make good money whoring for the ziofascists and their manufactured hate.

"Walid Shoebat is a fraud and a paid political prostitute for the
Zionists. If he was a terrorist and committed even one terrorist act he
would be inadmissible to both Canada and the US as a person who had
committed acts of terrorism. The Canadian Arab Federation launched a
formal complaint against him with the Minister of Citizenship and
Immigration in Canada and they reported back that he had not committed
any acts of terrorism like he alleges. He was lying about his
background. He was not inadmissible to Canada as a terrorist or
suspected terrorist. There are several like him on the payroll. He
simply lies and makes thing up. I saw him speak once and challenged him
at a public forum. However, very few people confront him and the US and
Canadian governments leave him alone, no doubt for political reasons and
he is a useful stooge for the Zionists."


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