Sunday, December 05, 2010

Zionism's Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card

People must differentiate between zionism and judaism. The former is a political philosophy and the latter is a religious belief. Zionism has hid itself behind the jews for over a 100 years and jews have suffered immensely because of it; as a matter of fact zionism co existed and got along quite well in Germany with the before and during WW2. The single biggest danger today to jews worldwide is Ashkenazic zionism which uses judaism as the eternal victim persona to hide it's atrocities and depredations.

Product Description
"The Nazi era is the most discussed period in history, yet most Jews and other Americans are unaware of the interaction between Zionism and Hitler and Mussolini. The reason is simple and stark: the Zionist record is dishonorable. This book brings to light, through the use of actual historic documents, the disservice that the Zionists did to Jews before and during the Holocaust. Some of these documents were published in English decades ago, but are only now seeing the light of day. Others are being translated into English for the first time. Included are documents from Propaganda Minister Goebbels' newspaper, Der Angriff, detailing an SS-man's visit to Palestine as the Zionists' guest. Readers will also learn about Adolf Eichmann's account of his personal dealings with the Hungarian Zionist Rezsö Kasztner, who was later assassinated in Israel as a Nazi collaborator who betrayed 400,000 Hungarian Jews. Also revealed is pro-Zionist propaganda put out by the Nazis, such as a medal for getting Jews to Palestine and a Nazi board game where the object is to move Jews to Palestine. The documents contained in this book were selected with due care so that a rounded picture of history emerges. The author concludes that Zionism betrayed the Jews; and the evidence that led him to that conclusion is contained in this book. This book shows that the consequences of Zionism demand exposure. "

My own story goes like this. In the twentieth century immigrants continued to pour into NYC, including some from Sweden which were my ancestors. My parents moved out of the city into a bedroom community after the war. It happened to be a largely Italian and Jewish town, about 1/3 each with various other ethnicities like Poles and Irish and such making up the rest. I grew up with Jews, went to bar mitzvahs, played school sports with the boys and had a lot of little Jewish princess girlfriends with last names like Levy and Yudin, ahem, and of my two best friends in high school, one's last name was DiTrapani and the other's first name was Seth. In my young man's eyes there was no rancor, no animosity and I just accepted their jewishness like they accepted this goy boy. I like to think all the Jews I grew up with are as appalled and sickened today by Israel's monstrous behavior as I am. And just because I or anybody else questions the lies that have been repeated endlessly with the zionist propelled holocaust industry, that doesn't necessarily mean anti semitism. That stupid, incessant default appellation has been abused and overused so frequently that it only deserves a big yawn.


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