Saturday, December 04, 2010

Successful Disinformation Always Contains Kernals Of Truth

And leaves a whole lotta things unsaid.

"Yet the real story here is not what's revealed but what's withheld. The marvel is not what we now know but what is already known that is left unsaid. And what's given an interpretive spin by those newspapers granted priority access."


Blogger AionEssence said...

darnit, this vid has been set to private !
any chance of an alt url ?

Huge Fan of your column, by the way ...
check in at least 3 times weekly !

4/12/10 6:08 PM  
Anonymous DaShandle said...

I check every day, I have a very similar site. I would love to embed this video, as I have been running an expose of WikiLacks.

6/12/10 9:25 AM  

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