Friday, December 03, 2010

Many Americans Will Die Of Cold, Starvation And Suffocation This Winter

Hundreds line up in the cold for help heating homes

"As metro Atlanta's temperatures grow colder, the demand for heat is, well, heating up.
A day after hundreds of people queued up outside a Marietta community center to apply for assistance with heat and power bills, hopeful applicants began lining up again around midnight, waiting in the sub-freezing temperatures for the doors to open Thursday morning.
This time, however, officials let those in line come into the Mansour Center on Roswell Street an hour early at 7:30 and get relief from temperatures that dropped to 27 degrees.
“We’re freezing,” said Lecher Eady, a Marietta mother who arrived at midnight seeking help with her bills. “Our hands are cold, our feet are cold.”
Eady, the mother of triplets in diapers, said she has been out of work since August.
“I’ve had three jobs this year, and I’ve been laid off from all three,” she said. “I’m grateful just to get any type of help they’ll give me.”
Eady said she is trying to start a nonprofit organization, “Babies Need Diapers,” that would provide diapers to low-income single mothers.
“We have assistance for food, we have assistance for clothing, but we don’t have assistance for diapers,” she said. “That’s my biggest struggle right now.”
Joining Eady near the front of the line that had grown to about 30 people by 7:30 was Isata Kamara, a single mom of a 3-year-old.
“My electric bill and my gas bill are going to get cut off because I don’t have the money right now,” said Kamara, who recently lost her job.
“I saw it on the news and decided to come up here because I really need the help,” she said.
Those news reports Wednesday night showed hundreds of people who lined up around the building throughout the day on Wednesday. Channel 2 Action News reported that ambulances were called for at least two people who had difficulty dealing with Wednesday’s cold temperatures."

Every night when I listen to the radio and catch distant stations with AM skip, every one of them across the country repeatedly air public safety announcements. They advise people about the dangers of in-the-house alternate heating sources like propane stoves and charcoal grills that will suffocate with carbon monoxide if used excessively. I've heard those admonishments before but never with such frequency, as if their use is expected to snuff a good number of americans who's heat was cut off for non payment and they're trying not to freeze to death in their own homes.


America's Latest $3 Billion Bribe to Israel

"The amount is in reference to the cost of the 20 advanced US fighter planes that the Obama administration is promising to give Israel in return for the Netanyahu government's agreeing to a mere three-month freeze of illegal settlements on Palestinian land."


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