Sunday, December 26, 2010

Treacherous Ragheads And Lecherous Sand Niggers

Hollywood and the war machine

It's racial profiling, pure and simple, something that goes hand in hand with a fascist society.
Add another thing to the mix.

Fascists always do things with mutiple goals in mind. Most, if not all of the senseless bombings in Iraq, let alone elsewhere in the world, have been false flag operations by the real terrorists in the Mossad and CIA, not carried out by whatever patsies and scapegoats the government blames. After a while the frequency of the acts of carnage numbs the unwary as intended. Not only do the bombings inflame tensions and hate in the targeted societies, but they send a subtle message to american dullards that Arabs are bloodthirsty animals, barbarians who deserve to be loathed, disregarded as sub humans and anonymous when slaughtered. It's a steady background noise of bloody insanity that constantly reinforces american racism and an uncaring attitude towards murdering brown skinned people on a daily basis.


Anonymous Nz said...

Coincidentally, quite a lot of actors that play the parts of Arabs in Hollywood movies have been Jews. They thoroughly enjoy acting evil, so long as they are pretending to be Arab/Muslim.

27/12/10 5:03 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

I believe that, and somehow it doesn't surprise me!

29/12/10 8:01 PM  

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