Thursday, October 28, 2010

We're #2!

Chinese Computer Trumps US One as World's Fastest

"A Chinese scientific research center has built the fastest supercomputer ever made, replacing the United States as maker of the swiftest machine, and giving China bragging rights as a technology superpower.
The computer, known as Tianhe-1A, has 1.4 times the horsepower of the current top computer, which is at a national laboratory in Tennessee, as measured by the standard test used to gauge how well the systems handle mathematical calculations, said Jack Dongarra, a University of Tennessee computer scientist who maintains the official supercomputer rankings.

Although the official list of the top 500 fastest machines, which comes out every six months, is not due to be completed by Mr.
Dongarra until next week, he said the Chinese computer “blows away the existing No. 1 machine.”
He added, “We don’t close the books until Nov.1, but I would say it is unlikely we will see a system that is faster.”

A New Chinese Train Beats Country’s High Speed Rail World Record

"With over 4,300 miles of train lines, China is clearly the world leader in terms of high speed rail innovation. And now the country’s gone and broken its own speed record for HSR.

Shanghai’s latest bullet train travels at 415km/h (about 258 mph)– beating the country’s previous record by 21 km/h (13 mph).

The train that goes from Shanghai to the capital of East China’s Zhejiang province Hangzhou (about 125 miles apart) will cost passengers almost twice the amount (around $15) they pay for regular trains, but it will get them to their destination in less than half the time (about 40 minutes). Though that has been an area of contention for some commuters, isn’t an extra eight dollars more than worth the time saved? We think so.
Liu Yulei, a China National Radio reporter who took the trial run, said she felt like she was flying when the train reached its peak speed, IB Times reported.
The train is said to launch in October.
Considering the Acela Express trains in the U.S. (the only high-speed rail in North America) currently travels at about 150 mph, we clearly have so much to learn from the Chinese."

China Trumps U.S. in Renewable Energy Investments

China tops U.S. in race to build wind power

China Surpasses U.S. In Internet Use

"Chinese Internet users spend nearly two billion hours online each week, while the U.S. audience logs on for 129 million hours per week."


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