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Obfuscation, Delay and Diversion

Thousands in Gulf Suffer from Misdiagnosed Skin Lesions

"Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana—Area residents have begun to show up at clinics and hospitals with mysterious scabs and pustules covering their extremities, as reported from residents to non-profit relief organizations in the Gulf.

One thirty-three year-old woman, who wished to remain anonymous, has disclosed to Project Gulf Impact that upon seeking medical advice at a clinic, she was told she had scabies. Hours later, she was told by an area hospital that she had a staph infection. The woman was treated with a shot of penicillin and Elimite cream, a topical agent for the treatment of scabies mite infestations, and an oral antibiotic. In addition to the lesions, the woman reported aching bones, weight loss, stomach pains, inflammation in her leg and sties developing in her eyes.

Other residents have shown up at local doctors and area hospitals reporting similar symptoms. According to area residents suffering from the mysterious rash, patients feel like they are not being given the proper medical treatment. Doctors have told area patients they are suffering from scabies with no clear diagnosis and from Staphylococcus infections with no underlying cause.
Exposure to chemicals, such as those being used to break down oil in the region, like the dispersant, Corexit, may be the cause of such infections. Corexit is an agent that has been proven to break down lipid membranes, which cover and protect human skin. Human skin is composed of a thin layer of lipids and Corexit, by nature, breaks down these organized barriers into smaller individual molecules allowing the barrier to become permeable to pathogens. The skin irritation could be caused by prolonged exposure to these chemicals and could break down the ability of the body to fight off infection."

The whole reason to dump that vile corexit, and who knows what else into gulf waters, was to minimize BP's court liability by sinking the slime out of sight. This is also why they're just throwing sand on top of severely polluted beaches. It's just one giant coverup. The less oil that's visible, the less the fucking corporate scum have to pay for environmental damage. Corexit, of course, is so toxic it was banned in Europe but that hasn't stopped Bp, nor did the Pussy administration's timid instructions have any weight. The corporate/governmental/media criminality is so putridly evil that they even claim corexit is as benign as Ivory:

drink it, please

Basically everyone in that video should be lined up against a wall.

What's going on isn't new; it's the techno fascist mentality at work that goes back to at least WW1. The point is to spend more effort covering up crimes than to address them, and endless delay is the name of the game in regard to the effects of the crimes. The longer you can string out owning up to what's been done the less liability you'll have, because not only do passions wane but you can blame the damage on other things and frankly, they wait for people to die. After four decades and millions of Vietnamese civilians suffering terrible birth defects and dying horrrible deaths, the fascists recently sent a few thousand dollars to study the Agent Orange problem. Twenty years after snuffing 4,000 people and sickening another 100,000 in India, Union Carbide has yet to get compensation directly to the victims. Of course a shitload of them couldn't be bothered at this point because they're six feet under. In the days after 9/11 Christie Todd Whitman looked New Yorkers in the eye and lied about the toxicity of what they were breathing, and to this day the traitorous congress refuses to help people who went to the aid of victims in that false flag murder. It took twenty years for Exxon to pay out for the Valdez disaster, but hey, stringing it out meant they shelled out 1/10 of what the court ordered and just about all the oil cleanup workers are now dead.

The toxic petrochemical soup in the gulf is an extinction level event that the fascist criminals want to string out for a long, long time. Their idea of damage control is managing PR, with no concern for peopls' health or protection of the environment. They mean to have this catastrophe last for generations. What the corpgov is doing is so despicably heinous that some are speculating the oil eruption was manufactured to justify dumping millions of gallons of corexit into gulf waters, for reasons only the chemtrail supervisors might know. The "cleanup" is fucking laughable. And the dispersant dump meant that the oil droplets are now suspended as an emulsion that cannot be skimmed or separated from the seawater by conventional means. Which means the entire Gulf of Mexico is a poisonous cauldron the contents of which will eventually be picked up and spread far inland by storms.

We tend to forget how vicious strong hurricanes can become. Essentially the gulf and the atmosphere become as one with water churned deeply. When this happens, and it will, probably numerous times, it's possible the southeast and the east coast of the US will be destroyed for generations. It'll have been done on purpose, despite the asinine bullshit spewing from MSM that this is all "an experiment". And as millions of americans get sick and vomit and perish while vast swaths of land become barren chemical wastes, BP will shrug and say "How were we to know?" and the courts will be clogged for decades as the government sends in it's goons with machine guns if the enraged populations get a little too uppity. Before they keel over and die.


Blogger ~~Just Me in T~~ said...

If it is proven that larvae of blue crabs and fiddler crabs sampled from Louisiana to Pensacola are contaminated with oil and corexit dispersant, (as one expert put it) “the effect on fisheries could last for years probably not a matter of months” and affect many species.

SO we just stop eating crab and it will be OK right? Wrong!

It all comes down to understanding the food chain. The food chain is the sequence of who eats whom in a biological community (an ecosystem) to obtain nutrition.

31/7/10 11:09 PM  
Anonymous c0rundum said...

I could talk all day about this kind of 'science' and the 'scientist' in the video. However, suffice to say that nearly all corporate 'safety science' is defined by lawyers, demonstrated by 4ct0rs and any scientists who may get in the way are paid to look the other way, if they are lucky.

Any real scientist would point out that:

A) safety of any substance is subject to typical use case, unless defined otherwise
B) the typical dispersant use case converts something which is hazardous as a function of membrance surface area, into a function of molecular volume, on purpose.

Any dispersant, however (non)hazardous it might be to the immediate user, must be a hazard amplifier by definition.

So whatever that guy just said, didn't have anything to do with science, or safety. It was a sales stunt for Corexit being a great dispersant (i.e. crude oil cloaking device), and at best, safe to store in a corner.

Switching to the anecdotal - I know a guy who worked in the Brent field in the 70-80's, and was there when the first rigs were opened. One of those offshore techs who was never allowed to retire because stuff might go wrong in his absence. He knows all about Corexit. Told me some sickening stories. While not offering an opinion on how safe it is to use in the ocean, he did say 'you don't get it on your skin, you don't get it in your body, you don't breathe near it, and you'll be ok. for the unlucky ones, there is always the helicopter'.

On a last note, somebody should contact that 4ct0r and see if he would consider swapping his own dish soap for Corexit from now on, since there appears to be no downside with the latest version?.

Sorry for the long rant. Call me fussy but I have a thing about bad scientists and biased, fake health/safety data. For this lot, capital punishment is too good.

1/8/10 4:43 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Excellent points c0rundum. "sales stunt" indeed. I truly fear for the gulf becaus of what they've done. Rain clouds have already picked the soup up and deposited it hundreds of miles inland; a strong hurricane will bring environmental devastation the likes of which the world has never seen.

Whole Foods and Walmart have stopped carrying seafood from the gulf, Just Me. Local stores here in the SW import or get it from the west coast. I'm afraid dispersantis already in the food chain

1/8/10 5:22 AM  

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