Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Health Care In America

Kathy Myers, Michigan woman with no health insurance, shoots herself to get free treatment

"One uninsured woman's decision to put a bullet in her shoulder as a way to get free medical treatment for a painful injury turned out to be a shot in the dark.
Though doctors at the emergency room treated Kathy Myers for the gunshot wounds and gave her anti-inflammatory medication, she still was unable to get a CT scan or an MRI and was sent home – still in pain, according to CNN.
Myers, one of some 1.2 million Michigan residents with no health insurance, according to CNN, endured a month of unbearable pain in her right shoulder after she injured it while playing with her dogs in her backyard, according to WSBT TV. The 41-year old woman took pain medication but was not able to see a specialist since she can't pay for health insurance. Last week, feeling desperate, she shot herself in the right shoulder."

"Myers might face criminal charges for discharging a firearm within the city limits of Niles, MI."

Health care in Rwanda

"Rwanda has had national health insurance for 11 years now; 92 percent of the nation is covered, and the premiums are $2 a year."


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