Friday, June 25, 2010

The BP Solution To Criticism They Censor News

BP Sends PR Professionals To Gulf Coast To Pretend To Be Journalists

"You know, a lot has been said about BP and its contributions to the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast states. But what we haven't heard as much about are BP's contributions to journalism, have we? I mean, we've basically covered the fact that BP's been doing a good job at preventing journalism from happening. But all that's about to change, because BP is sending its own journalists to the region, dispatched abroad from their regular offices, in Hell.
Basically, having grown tired of blocking other reporters from covering the story, BP is going to spend its own money on a bunch of in-house PR professionals who will reliably block themselves from covering the story. It's precisely the sort of genius move you'd expect from the company that's now more despised than Goldman Sachs, the corporate fecal-demons of 2009. The pioneering work of these BP reporters will be collected in an online magazine called "Planet BP," which the Wall Street Journal's Benoit Faucon likens to Monty Python's famous song, "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life." It's an apt comparison."


Blogger Michael Tew said...

BP Reporters, WaPo reporters, Faux News Reporters what's the difference they are all corporate shills down to the last woman.

26/6/10 12:38 AM  
Anonymous greencrow said...

Hi Nolo:

Thanks for your response earlier to my comment on using iron ore to plug the BP leak. My suggestion is to just bring tanker load after tanker load to the site and dump it all over the site until they "smother" the leak and the surrounding fissions. IMO, this could and should have been started on DAY ONE of the leak and they would probably have it smothered by now.

Here is an update from the Associated Press:

The longer this goes on without common sense remedies being tried...the more I am convinced that it is yet another "planned catastrophe".


26/6/10 11:29 AM  
Anonymous greencrow said...


Here's a good link on the spill!

I was wondering, I have not heard one word about the spill from Cuba, potentially the country most likely to be affected. Have you heard any comments from Cuba? The longer the silence on this, the more I think that this could have been a plot to "kill" Cuba.


27/6/10 3:27 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

You know, it's really hard to say if this extinction event is a planned catastrophe or not. I lean towards a yes on that, seeing as it happened during the death cult's high holy days of sacrificial events, and everything that's been done seems to have exacerbated the disaster. Probably it could have been nipped in the bud but it's far, far past repair at this point and will undoubtably result in the destruction of much of the world.

27/6/10 4:48 PM  
Anonymous greencrow said...

Hi Nolo:

But, strange, the silence from Cuba.

A Norwegian friend told he that his father in Norway told him that the Norwegians offered to fix the leak in four days. They were turned down.

True, the catastrophe has so many of the earmarks of a false flag or psy ops by the "usual suspects".


28/6/10 7:31 PM  

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