Friday, June 25, 2010

Thugs Standing Around. It's All About Keeping The People Intimidated

Knoxville-based amputee group questions TSA

"The Knoxville-based Amputee Coalition of America says amputees are being mistreated at airport security checkpoints across the nation.
One example, they say, is Peggy Chenoweth, of Gainesville, Virginia, who lost her left leg below the knee in 2003 after an accident.
A few weeks ago, she and her four-year-old son were flying home from a conference when her prosthetic set off the metal detector.
"I always make sure that I wear shorts so then it's visible. They took me to the little Plexiglas waiting area which I'm very accustomed to. My son came through security, came over and sat right next to me and took my hand. He was immediately yelled at," Chenoweth said. "He started to cry. I wasn't allowed to comfort him. I wasn't allowed to give him a hug because I hadn't been cleared."
Then Chenoweth says she was forced to remove her leg and the liner that holds it in place.
"So I was stuck sitting in the Plexiglas room in front of everybody with my limb exposed. I think unless you're an amputee, you don't realize how very personal the residual limb is to the amputee. It's akin to showing your genitals or going bare-breasted. It's just something you don't feel comfortable showing in public," Chenoweth said.
Now she says she's nervous to fly again, and she's not alone."


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