Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Apocalypse Travel Plans

I thought I was cynical.


"A number of you reading this and a much larger percentage of those who aren’t will not make it to the end of the year, felled as you will be by the hazards of this unprecedented, rapidly unfolding disaster, and other disasters shortly due that will greatly reduce your chances of surviving. I will have a longer story later about useful procedures should you encounter that event. Tonight they were talking about oil burnoffs near Navarre Beach, in the Florida Panhandle, in water overloaded with the dispersant named Corexit, which exudes lethal fumes at temperatures above 90 degrees. And this is the brew that the hurricanes sure to come will rain down on Georgia and the Carolinas when they whirl through the Caribbean, as they do most every year. I know a couple of young mothers in the Smoky Mountains who should be moving further north. But everybody’s not going to get the message. Charles is going to sit there on Bourbon Street and play his horn until the sky turns red. Brigitte is saying ‘come on down, we’re going to rebuild N’Orleans bigger and better than ever.’ I turn my head away in pain. I wonder which of my friends will make it to the Canadian Rockies before British Petroleum’s deliberately errant shot turns the entire southeastern United States into a giant gas chamber. You’re not all going to make it. You don’t need to be a fortune teller to read these cards. There has been not one bit of good news since this nightmare began. Things run true to form. Get out while you can still breathe. But remember. The amount of poison in the Gulf will hiss for many years. Whether it will actually kill every living thing on the planet is a question only the future can answer. But what we know now — facts on the ground — that enough poison has been released already — with much, much more to come in the future . . . it’s enough poison to do the job.

BP Oil Spill: A Slippery Slope to FEMA Detention Camps?

"Is there a covert government plan to forcibly evacuate up to 50 million people from the Gulf Coast and move them into FEMA trailers somewhere in Missouri and elsewhere because of the oil spill? Some of the nation's survivalists are convinced that the Obama administration is plotting just such an operation. Last week, Greg Evensen, a former Kansas state trooper and a regular on the "Patriot" movement talk circuit, appeared on the Internet radio show "Shattering the Darkness" to warn listeners that government is moving to evacuate basically everyone from the coast of Texas to Cape Cod. Evensen says the move will come after these areas become uninhabitable due to an "oversaturation of benzene" from the chemical dispersants BP is using to try to clean up the oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico."


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