Tuesday, September 22, 2009

ABC News Goes All Out In Petty, Sarcastic Report

I guess some people take their cues from Israel's behavior.
We've become a nation snotty, immature louts. Not that I've listened much but I have no doubt the sensation seeking rethug bloviators have been railing against Gadaffi and Ahmadinejad for days to work their mouthbreathing audiences up. They're always on the lookout for something to justify their drooling, righteous outrage. These two are the recipients of a constant smear campaign from paid media whores and this snooty screed is more of the same.

New Yorkers Snub Ahmadinejad, Gaddafi on Visit to U.N. - Welcome Mat Nowhere in Sight for Controversial Leaders of Iran and Libya

So right in the byline we're told they're "controversial". Why? Because the media tells us so. This is Ahmadinejad:

"In 2007, he was considered a pariah who denied the Holocaust, called for the destruction of Israel and pursued an internationally condemned nuclear weapons program."

1. The lie of him calling for "wiping Israel off the map" never dies. It was a deliberately false translation that gets repeated every chance they can to drill it into Boobus. 2. Denying the holocaust doesn't mean he believes it didn't happen. Ahmadinejad has consistently called for scholarship and scrutiny, something liars seem not to care for. 3. There is no "nuclear weapons program" in Iran. As a NNPT signee Iran has every right to develop a nuclear energy program, but the MSM twists the wording into The Bomb at every opportunity. Just a repeat of the filth shoved at american mouthbreathers before the slaughter in Iraq in 2003.

This is part of the decidedly childish and ungracious campaign the last time Ahmadinejad came to the UN two years ago:


With Gadaffi the so called reportage drips with schoolyard condescension;

(The tent is a thing with the Libyan strongman. In June, he camped out for three days in a park in Rome during an official visit.)

"It is my prayer that the State Department will issue a restrictive visa so he won't, under the cover of night, sneak into my town," Wildes said.

Again the incessant propaganda campaign villifying these two will eventually work it's magic with Foxified dullards who can't figure things out for themselves and need to be given instructions what to think. Libya was framed for Lockerbie. The damning evidence is out there, plenty of it, but again the lies never end.
These two men should be welcomed in a rational and responsible manner but that doesn't fit into our overlords' demonization agenda. To the propagandists, showing up in NY to speak at the UN is a threat because people might actually listen to what they say instead of what the liars want us to believe. After all these guys represent countries that are on the ziofascist hitlist, meaning countries Israel wants to destroy, and so americans have to be tought who to hate.

And as for Obama, You would think that given the gravity of the situation with Iran's nuclear energy program, a development so dire we get daily helpings of fear mongering about Iran's nooks, he'd want to take the opportunity to be a statesman during Ahmadinejad's visit. Not to be, of course. It would send the wrong message to Boobus. Our president has his marching orders.

"At a recent press conference, Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N., said Obama had no plans to interact with either of the men."

added - To great Pomp and Circumstance, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has arrived in New York to attend the 64th session of the UN General Assembly.



Anonymous nick z said...

Well, I'm not defending Obama's turncoat backstabbing, lying, hypocritical ways, but to be perfectly fair, it is possible he might be avoiding interaction with these guys to avoid the demonization and lies being applied directly to him. I mean, just one picture of him talking or shaking hands with either of these guys could spell political suicide, just because of the fauxified media.

Unfortunate but true, unless he could make it a priority to also get the jump on the media and deny the lies, but that might not work out. Iow, it's a very chancy gamble to take, given the fauxified majority of idiots in the present state of the nation.

Heck, i'm not trying to play his apologist, I'm just being realistic about the dang screwy politics.

22/9/09 7:57 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Yeah, I agree the real politics of this nightmare preclude a meet and greet, and don't worry nick, no one at this end would think you're being an apologist :)
However just like much else with the Obama administration, being at the head of the line for real change isn't their forte, although one hopes there's something forestalling more war in the background that we don't know about.

22/9/09 4:34 PM  

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