Monday, September 21, 2009

Pittsburgh Prepares For War

"The police are not here to create disorder. The police are here to preserve disorder." Mayor Richard Daley, Chicago 1968

It seems the goons want the city shut down so anybody on the streets can be treated as the enemy.

G-20 security driving away Pittsburgh's bustle

"Security plans, including a vehicle-free, three-block perimeter around the convention center and a ban on most vehicles elsewhere in the city' dense, triangular downtown, mean protesters and foreign dignitaries will likely experience an emptier-than-normal Pittsburgh when the two-day summit begins Thursday. Commuters must park outside downtown and either walk or take mass transit into the business district.
What's unclear is how many people will even come downtown. Many businesses are closing or — like Highmark, the health insurance giant that normally has 5,000 employees downtown — having most employees telecommute or work at other offices."

"In addition to many businesses, the city's public and Catholic schools will be closed along with most city, state and federal offices, cultural centers like the Carnegie museums, many bank branches, and most colleges and universities in the area.
Amtrak trains will pass through Pittsburgh, but passengers can only transfer to other trains; they won't be allowed to board or disembark here. Greyhound, the bus company, is temporarily moving its city operations to McKeesport, about 10 miles away."

Tyrannical military presence

"The draconian security measures put in place to silence dissent in Pittsburgh are disproportionate to any actual security concern. They are a response not to a real threat, but to the fear gripping the established centers of power. The power elite grasps, even if we do not, the massive fraud and theft being undertaken to save a criminal class on Wall Street and international speculators of the kinds who were executed in other periods of human history. They know the awful cost this plundering of state treasuries will impose on workers, who will become a permanent underclass. And they also know that once this is clear to the rest of us, rebellion will no longer be a foreign concept.

The delegates to the G-20, the gathering of the world’s wealthiest nations, will consequently be protected by a National Guard combat battalion, recently returned from Iraq. The battalion will shut down the area around the city center, man checkpoints and patrol the streets in combat gear. Pittsburgh has augmented the city’s police force of 1,000 with an additional 3,000 officers. Helicopters have begun to buzz gatherings in city parks, buses driven to Pittsburgh to provide food to protesters have been impounded, activists have been detained, and permits to camp in the city parks have been denied. Web sites belonging to resistance groups have been hacked and trashed, and many groups suspect that they have been infiltrated and that their phones and e-mail accounts are being monitored


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