Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stinking Badges, Rotten Courts

Cop Who Brutally Beat Female Bartender Receives Probation

"Editor’s note: The judge in the case gave the lame excuse that sentening the sadistic cop, Anthony Abbate, wouldn’t prevent him from getting drunk and hitting people in the future. Abbate remains on the police force in Chicago, demonstrating that crime does indeed pay.
(WGN-AM)- A Chicago police officer was sentenced to two years probation Tuesday for pummeling a woman who was tending bar, even though prosecutors produced a previously unseen video showing him beating someone else at the bar hours earlier.
Anthony Abbate — who declined to say anything to the judge before he was sentenced — could have gotten up to five years for beating Karolina Obrycka in February of 2007. The attack was captured by the bar’s security camera and the video was shown around the world.
Judge John Fleming said he decided against jail time, explaining he did not believe the crime was serious enough and that throwing Abbate in prison would not be a deterrent to others."


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