Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Order Out Of Manufactured Chaos

Well this takes care of that little problem, a very inconvenient hole in the carefully constructed lie of what we're doing in Pakistan. It seems Pakistan has to be dealt with at the same time as Iran. The race is on to control the entire region.

Whistleblower Who Linked “Taliban” Leader To US Intelligence Is Assassinated

"A whistleblower who defected from the Pakistani Taliban has been assassinated just days after he claimed that the group was working with US intelligence to destabilize the country.
Qari Zainuddin, a tribal leader of the South Waziristan region in Pakistan was shot dead on Tuesday by a gunman said to be loyal to Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud."

"Though the BBC and other mainstream sources highlighted this interview with Zainuddin, they neglected to cover the fact that Zainuddin also reportedly denounced Mehsud as “an American agent”.
Both Iranian and Pakistani media independently covered his remarks, adding that Zainuddin also described Baitullah Mehsud as having
strong links with both Indian and Israeli intelligence.
In an interview with local media the defector said that Mehsud had established strong links with Israeli intelligence services, which were destabilizing the nuclear armed country, reports the Iranian news service Press TV.
“These people (Mehsud and his men) are working against Islam.” the report quotes Zainuddin as having said."

It really can't be more obvious what the monsters are doing all across south asia. I repeatedly call them ziofascists because that's exactly who they are by textbook definition, although they aren't the old variety. They've learned not to goosestep down the street. They know not to be the obvious face of tyranny you can more easily recognize and hate and resist. 'By Way of Deception, thou shalt do War'.
They need you to believe their lies and machinations so you actively desire their preferred outcomes, a much more effective tyranny.
What's happening in Iran is that country's 9/11, in that it's plain the election was the target date for a kickoff of a long prepared and massively funded psyop. For years the fascists weren't shy about the country being in their crosshairs, conducting military exercises in the region, casually tossing out war scenarios, waging diplomatic war, surrounding Iran with military bases, funding and encouraging terror groups to carry out deadly attacks.

But now cue the theatrics and let loose the spooks because the real war is being waged for your head as the ziofascists go into overdrive behind the scenes. Have the agents flood social networks. Alert the CIA riddled media, they'll know how to accelerate the message. Notify the color coordinated provocateurs. Tell the snipers to take out preselected targets one by one, make it a girl who's name translates to "the voice" and dies bloodily on the street; make another a shy, soon to be married innocent who's body has to be bought by the family for $3000. Blame it all on government goons.

The entire effort is to make you think what they're about to do is justified and necessary. For the most part with american mouthbreathers, it will work. For the Iranians, well, look at Iraq.

Destabilization 2.0

"It's the 2009 presidential election in Iran and opposition leader Mir-Houssein Mousavi declares victory hours before the polls close, insuring that any result to the contrary will be called into question. Western media goes into overdrive, fighting with each other to see who can offer the most hyperbolic denunciation of the vote and President Ahmadenijad's apparent victory (BBC wins by publishing bald-faced lies about the supposed popular uprising which it is later forced to retract). On June 13th, 30000 "tweets" begin to flood Twitter with live updates from Iran, most written in English and provided by a handful of newly-registered users with identical profile photos. The Jerusalem Post writes a story about the Iran Twitter phenomenon a few hours after it starts (and who says Mossad isn't staying up to date with new media?). Now, YouTube is providing a "Breaking News" link at the top of every page linking to the latest footage of the Iranian protests (all shot in high def, no less). Welcome to Destabilization 2.0, the latest version of a program that the western powers have been running for decades in order to overthrow foreign, democratically elected governments that don't yield to the whims of western governments and multinational corporations."


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