Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Operation Stabilize Drug Profits A Roaring Success

Cheap, plentiful opiates from Afghanistan and you've got a stranglehold on the market. Protected by american military muscle and well oiled by american tax dollars, using established smuggling routes from Tajikistan to Kosovo, and life is sweet.

Heroin prices

"American wholesale prices remain at around twice the level in Western Europe. The UN estimates that annual opiate production—almost all of which is from Afghanistan—jumped to about 8,900 tonnes in 2007, having been flat at around 4,500 tonnes over the previous decade. Seizures of heroin rose to 65 tonnes in 2007 but were still only a small fraction of global production."

U.S.-built bridge is windfall — for illegal Afghan drug trade

"NIZHNY PANJ, Tajikistan — In August 2007, the presidents of Afghanistan and Tajikistan walked side by side with the U.S. commerce secretary across a new $37 million concrete bridge that the Army Corps of Engineers designed to link two of Central Asia's poorest countries.
Dressed in a gray suit with an American flag pin in his lapel, then-Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez said the modest two-lane span that U.S. taxpayers paid for would be "a critical transit route for trade and commerce" between Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
Today, the bridge across the muddy waters of the Panj River is carrying much more than vegetables and timber: It's paved the way for drug traffickers to transport larger loads of Afghan heroin and opium to Central Asia and beyond to Russia and Western Europe."

Afghan farmer with 2 US soldiers dressed in poppy camo


OpenID dad2059 said...

Well, the Empire's gotta have a source of hard currency Nolo, it takes a lot now to wash through the taxpayer supported banks!

Besides, the CIA needs to fund more ops.

30/6/09 8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nolocontendere, how does one send you an email on a story you might want to include? I checked your blogger's page but there is no email address.

check out this story:

Cops raid Dem fundraiser in San Diego, and pepper-spray the guests

Here's a local video and story done on San Diego's Channel 10: http://www.10news.com/news/19887253/detail.html The video features interviews with several of the guests and the homeowner Shari Barman.

Here's the press release issued by the San Diego Sheriff's Department Public Relations stating that this incident is under internal investigation:


Here is one of the comments left at the 10news.com article from one of the guests at the party:

KenSm I attended this event and the sheriff was truly out of control. He totally escalated the situation and I among others are still in shock that this can happen in America. Yes, there was some idiot screaming obscenitie s from the other side of the fence and that was in reality the only noise of the party. As you take verbal shots at Shari or Busby I would like to point out that I now believe this could happen to anyone and sadly we have a Sheriff who should not be carrying a gun or any other weapon out there. The party itself was really quiet and had started at 7 with most guests arriving around 7:30. There was no music and even a valet so neighbors would not be inconvenie nced. This simply has to be politicall y motivated because there is simply no other imaginable scenario. I’d also like to know how much this cost the Sheriffs department with all the sheriffs there AND a helicopter ? There was about 1 police officer per person!

Statement from Shari Barman-Statton
June 29, 2009



30/6/09 10:09 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

It's truly pathetic how we're supposed to swallow their bullshit about Afghanistan, dad.
Thank you for the links, anon, I don;t give out my email addresses for the usual reasons but you did a good job of alerting us here in the comments. Cops+steroids is always a bad mixture.

30/6/09 8:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just saw Keith Olbermann's story on the Busby incident on the Countdown show and was so HAPPY to see that Deputy Marshall Abbott was named "Worst Person in the World".

YEAH Keith!!!!

Here's the url for the keith olbermann segment, it starts at 2 min 5 secondes of the 3 minute "worst persons in the world" and San Diego Deputy Abbott gets top honors and keith gets it right. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3036677/#31672438

ok, once in awhile you miss a story like this one and was wondering if there was any email address to send you info on that story.

30/6/09 11:26 PM  

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