Friday, November 14, 2008

Buy A Chevrolet, Help Them With Their Boners

GM Spends $17 Million Per Year on Viagra

"Lifestyle drugs -- chiefly Viagra -- are costing General Motors $17 million dollars a year and the cost is passed along to car, truck and SUV consumers. The blue pill is covered under GM's labor agreement with United Auto Workers, as well as benefit plans for salaried employees.
GM executives estimate health care adds $1,500 to the price of each vehicle but they do not break out how much of the premium is caused by erectile dysfunction expenses.
GM provides health care for 1.1 million employees, retirees and dependents and is the world's largest private purchaser of Viagra."


Blogger devin41 said...

Isn't that the truth,as the sun sets on human civilization I am stunned and outraged by some of the crap that is shoved at us daily by the MSM-that is why I hardly watch any TV. Hope you and your wife are doing great and everyone else that stops by!-Devin

14/11/08 1:02 PM  
Anonymous mad tinfoil hatter said...

I'll be fair and say it was a useful invention, but I'm not sure its vital to some 60-year old guy's "health" that he can get up a hard'n. It seems to me, viagra principally has made it easier for narcissitic baby-boomers to dump their aging wives in favor of some young bimbo who, if not for the magical blue pill, they wouldn't even bother with. Its the ultimate mid-life crisis enabler. I'd also like to be able to watch a documentary on the History Channel without being annoyed at every commercial break with solemn warnings that if I have an erection lasting more than 4 hours to immediately contact a doctor (an obviously shameless and cheesy bonus plug witin an already tacky commercial).

14/11/08 3:27 PM  

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