Sunday, August 24, 2008

Faux Gets Exactly The Reaction It Wanted

An asshat reporter from Fox wades backward against a crowd of chanting demonstrators in Denver. You can't get more obvious than that to get a negative reaction from the protestors, exactly what the fecal network wants in order to portray them as violent fanatics. Of course the blonde chippy mentions the name of some organizers and the riots from forty years ago in the same sentence.


Blogger Strayer said...

But why did they just curse, when they knew that was going to be their face on national TV--cursing and obscene gestures? That makes them look illiterate, like hooligans, people middle America fears, when they wear masks like that, and this behavior can help the repubs win an election. I don't understand the point of disrupting the convention. I think I"m out of touch on this. Tell me why you support this behavior.

I think if they disrupt the convention, democrats will appear to look like radicals, scoundrals afraid of factual debate on issues, frightening off middle of the road America, and the election will go to mcCain, and same old will continue.

Bush won elections for one reason--Carl Rove. Carl Rove was the master manipulator of an election campaign. The campaign, however manipulative, was successful and masterful. The democrats need to exhibit some brainpower on election stategy and the democratic radicals need to show some brains and some restraint. Or, McCain is who will win.

Don't like the policies, then debate them, intelligently, even with reporters considered the other side. Win them over, and you win. Rough them up and make your debate terms curses and obscene gestures, and you lose the election.

24/8/08 10:57 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Well, Strayer, you're bringing up extremely good points. I have a lot of opinions on all this and they won't be typical, I can assure you.

First of all it's all a game now and the players know their roles very well. Demonstrations don't change anything and are actually dangerous to be at because of undercover agents provocateurs who incite violence to justify police violence. An age old tactic to bust up large crowds. I saw it all personally during Vietnam.

The demonstrators are mostly young people, full of energy and idealism who need to vent their steam by marching and chanting. A lot of them know that the system is rotten to the core and feel they have nothing to lose as the decks are stacked against them, the dealers are crooked and the house always wins.

Which is true. The corruption is complete. "Elections" are scams, exercises in putting a fig leaf on fascism to mollify american mouthbreathers, totally fixed and essentially meaningless because the outcome is always the same when the corporate empire wins again. Sadly, the old adage rings true - "If elections ever changed anything we'd never have them".

More about Faux after the jump.

25/8/08 6:25 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Like I said, everybody has their part to play in demonstrations. The marchers vent, the politicians ignore them, the cops have their orders to bust heads as an example to everybody else, and whoring media reports it all with breathless urgency.

Fox literally is the mouthpiece of fascism. Murdock's media empire is tied at the hip with the vile criminals who stole the whole show, and they know how to spin events to keep american dullards in line with their own enslavement.

In this clip you see a street reporter literally walking backwards into a crowd of banner wielding, excited marchers. The camera obviously had the Fox emblem on it because a lot of juicy epithets were tossed at Fox and this stumbling douchbag representing the network. A lot of the demonstrators would obviously vent their rage at the network most allied to the criminal abuse they were out in the streets condemning in the first place. Fox knows this and this tool was prepped with what to say when the people told the stumblebum to fuck off. He accused them of not supporting free speech, which is pretty stupid since they were in the street exercising theirs. But it plays well in Peoria to demonize political opposition, which is Fox's job in this after all.

Here's why they wear masks. They want to maintain their anonymity. Cops these days tape everybody they can for their huge database. This is a police state and that's what they do. It may be unfortunate if some people, including media whores, claim it's because of nefarious intent. But it might help when martial law is declared and the roundups begin. Besides, when the order is given to bust heads the jack booted thugs usually have tape over their names and wear opaque masks for their own anonymity so they can wail away with their clubs with impunity.

As far as real change goes demonstrations won't do anything unless they're backed up with political and economic muscle, like a general strike. Hit 'em where it hurts. Stomping around yelling things just makes the thugs salivate.

25/8/08 6:59 AM  
Blogger Strayer said...

I did know why they wear the masks, but I would guess a lot of Americans don't know the crowds at the convention are littered in plain clothes agents of all sorts. Or don't think about what that means to some 19 year old kid, marching in a protest, for whatever reason, being filmed by various agencies.

The reporters are there to get dramatic footage, and incite some dramatic moments, if need be, for awesome news bites and salary hikes, if the news moments are dramatic enough, I'm sure.

I know it's a choreogated dance, a show, a spectacle.

25/8/08 7:58 AM  

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