Sunday, May 25, 2008

Think The Oil Companies Aren't Rifling Your Wallet?

Awash In Profits, Exxon Extracting Every Penny From Its Franchisees

"Every time Sohaila Rezazadeh rings up a sale at her Exxon station on Chain Bridge Road in Oakton, her cash register sends the information to Exxon Mobil's central computers. If she raises the price of gasoline a couple of pennies, chances are that Exxon will raise the wholesale price she pays by the same amount.
Through a password-protected Web portal, Exxon notifies Rezazadeh of wholesale price changes daily. That way the oil giant, which is earning about $3.3 billion a month, fine-tunes the pump prices at the franchise Rezazadeh has owned for 12 years.
Now, however, Rezazadeh says she cannot stay in business. Credit-card fees are eating her profit margins. Exxon, which owns the station land, last week handed Rezazadeh a new lease raising her rent about 30 percent over the next three years. She stuck a copy on the window of her station to show customers who are angry about soaring pump prices. Rezazadeh has told Exxon that she cannot make money with the rent that high. Her territory manager's reply, she said, was simple: When you go, leave us the keys."

Uh Oh, say the corporate toadies - drilling the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will solve all our problems.

Aside from no shortage of oil - Here're the savings from Arctic drilling — 75 cents a barrel


Blogger crallspace said...

I just read the biggest load of crap I've seen in a while just moments ago.

Liberals are to blame for the high gas prices.

There is just so much inaccurate BS being fed to the masses, not just at bogus political sites like TownHall, but on Fox, etc. That is killing us more than the actions of the corporations, it would seem. If people had a clue what was actually happening, perhaps there'd be more outrage?

But instead, we should be drilling in Alaska, not ditching the mindset of last century.

25/5/08 2:25 PM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

I get sent a lot of e mail garbage and one of the claims is that liberals stopped the drilling up north = high gas prices.
Makes you wonder how low they'll stoop, then again tomorrow's fresh outrage always digs the cavernous hole a little deeper.

25/5/08 5:54 PM  
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