Monday, May 26, 2008

Project Censored Top Ten

"Founded by Carl Jensen in 1976, Project Censored is a media research program working in cooperation with numerous independent media groups in the US."
Basically they sift through hundreds of the most important stories that are ignored by media and annually publish the top 25. These are the current top ten.
Of course the year is only half over and the vile shits are capable of much worse.

#1 No Habeas Corpus for “Any Person”
"With the approval of Congress and no outcry from corporate media, the Military Commissions Act (MCA) signed by Bush on October 17, 2006, ushered in military commission law for US citizens and non-citizens alike. While media, including a lead editorial in the New York Times October 19, have given false comfort that we, as American citizens, will not be the victims of the draconian measures legalized by this Act—such as military roundups and life-long detention with no rights or constitutional protections—Robert Parry points to text in the MCA that allows for the institution of a military alternative to the constitutional justice system for “any person” regardless of American citizenship."

If the dictator defines you as an “enemy combatant" for opposing the fascist takeover, your rights don't exist.

#2 Bush Moves Toward Martial Law
"The John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007, which was quietly signed by Bush on October 17, 2006, the very same day that he signed the Military Commissions Act, allows the president to station military troops anywhere in the United States and take control of state-based National Guard units without the consent of the governor or local authorities, in order to “suppress public disorder.”

# 3 AFRICOM: US Military Control of Africa’s Resources
"This military penetration of Africa is being presented as a humanitarian guard in the Global War on Terror. The real objective is, however, the procurement and control of Africa’s oil and its global delivery systems."

# 4 Frenzy of Increasingly Destructive Trade Agreements
"The Oxfam report, “Signing Away the Future,” reveals that the US and European Union (EU) are vigorously pursuing increasingly destructive regional and bilateral trade and investment agreements outside the auspices of the WTO. These agreements are requiring enormous irreversible concessions from developing countries, while offering almost nothing in return."

#5 Human Traffic Builds US Embassy in Iraq
"The enduring monument to US liberation and democracy in Iraq will be the most expensive and heavily fortified embassy in the world—and is being built by a Kuwait contractor repeatedly accused of using forced labor trafficked from South Asia under US contracts."

#6 Operation FALCON Raids

#7 Behind Blackwater Inc.

#8 KIA: The US Neoliberal Invasion of India

#9 Privatization of America’s Infrastructure

# 10 Vulture Funds Threaten Poor Nations’ Debt Relief


Anonymous nick z. said...

FALCON are Bush's brownshirts and should be exposed as such. I'd like to know exactly how much of the DHS pie those fascists are stealing.

Of course, we'd all like to know the names of all of their victims and what was done to them.

27/5/08 8:17 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

Indeed. Here's the big question mark I have about that sort of operation - which faction or alphabet agency is gung ho for that sort of crap and which agencies balk.
And one of the biggest truths was left off the list - AIPAC stranglehold on our country.

27/5/08 10:59 AM  

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