Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Military Sexual Trauma"

That's the term used to describe what women in the US military have to bear for the rest of their lives.
It was inevitable. The sexualization of violence spiked enormously with the rise of american fascism and both Iraqis and female soldiers are being victimized. It's a sickening reality that doesn't fit the propagandized image you're supposed to believe about the armed forces, with policies in place that cover up for the violence, victimizing the women yet again. Add to this the fact that increasing numbers of scumbags are recruited to fit right into the empire's criminal expectations and this nightmare is only going to get worse.

The private war of women soldiers
"Many female soldiers say they are sexually assaulted by their male comrades and can't trust the military to protect them. "The knife wasn't for the Iraqis," says one woman. "It was for the guys on my own side."

Women have died in their sleep from dehydration in Iraq because in 120 degree heat they didn't drink any water. Why? They feared they would get raped by fellow soldiers if they went to the latrine. The military really wants to keep this shit quiet.

"MARJORIE COHN: Was there a commander who saw dehydration listed as a cause of death of a woman, a woman female US soldier, and after that he said “Do not list dehydration as a cause of death anymore”?

"I asked the briefer, a VA psychiatrist, whether the VA also considered Military Sexual Trauma an experience that can lead to PTSD. He replied "no."
I looked at the physician with amazement. Many peer-reviewed journal articles assert that Military Sexual Trauma, or MST, is especially associated with PTSD. That the Veterans Administration continues to disassociate MST with PTSD is remarkable.
But it may be understandable, considering the military is a culture that ostracizes and ridicules women who "rock the boat" by reporting incidents of sexual assault and violence.


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