Sunday, May 18, 2008

Boys At Langley Have Too Much Time On Their Hands

More from the corpse

Someone asked a very good question - can't Al Qaeda afford decent audio and visual equipment?
Of course they can because it's our tax dollars going to pay for this nonsense. But the spook agencies don't want to release stuff that can be scrutinized too closely, donchaknow.

It's becoming clearer what the propagandists are attempting to do with these Terrorist Mastermind ruses. First of all they've been thoroughly discredited as staged jokes too many times to take seriously, although you won't get that from any of the headlines which state unequivocally that Bin Laden says this or that. The disclaimer that "authenticity of the tape could not be independently verified" is always hidden in the text, knowing that the headline is where most people stop reading.

It seems the propagandists have switched tactics somewhat, jettisoning the fear factor from a tired old terror icon who everybody has sort of forgotten. Instead it seems their efforts are to set up the good guy - bad guy scorecard for when Israel goes to war against all the muslim nations in the region. Seeing as BL in his bat cave is supposed to be a figurehead, though faded, of evil in the world, whatever regimes they claim his cadaver denounces are our friends. And who are they? All good buddies of the Bushistas.


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