Sunday, May 18, 2008

Professional Tourist Rick Steves Will Soon Be On The 'No Fly List'

Mission: Understand Iran

"5/15 - A friend from the Washington State chapter of the United Nations Association called me six months ago and asked what I could do to help them build understanding between Iran and the US, and to defuse the tension that could be leading to war. I answered, “The only powerful thing would be to produce a TV show on Iran. (...)
I know almost nothing about Iran — and that’s still a lot more than the average American knows. With something as tricky as US-Iran relations, the foundation of wisdom is to be aware that we can’t know the truth from news coverage. Just like I had to actually visit the USSR in 1978 and Nicaragua in 1988, I need to visit Iran in 2008. If war is at stake, I want to know the truth. Because, as I’ve said before, as an American taxpayer, I believe that every bullet that flies and every bomb that drops has my name on it."

I wish his venture all the best, anything that will help to cut through the cloud of bullshit the fascists and their flunkies in the MSM have created is all for the good. But the last thing the warmongers want is for intended targets to have a human face and if Steves actually pulls this off I'll be quite surprised.


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