Monday, March 24, 2008

Restoring Sight For The Elderly Blind Is All A Left Wing Plot

Peruvian leaders cry foul as Chávez exports healthcare

"The plane door opened and the elderly visitors, all visually impaired and in some cases blind, shuffled out slowly and carefully into Venezuela.
Disease, age and poverty had stolen their eyesight but now they were in the land of Hugo Chávez and that was about to change. A scheme called Misión Milagro - Mission Miracle - had flown them here from Peru for free surgery which would transform their lives.
A portrait of Venezuela's president gazed down from the airport terminal. "It is thanks to Chávez we are here," beamed Rosario Vilcavilca, 88, a peasant farmer in a traditional highland skirt.
Mission Miracle has helped 400,000 impoverished Latin Americans see again and cast Venezuela's revolutionary leader as the region's humanitarian benefactor
Critics, however, see an agenda behind this and other Venezuelan-linked initatives. They claim Chávez is trying to export populist leftwing rebellions and further tilt the region away from US influence."

Well of course there has to be a sinister agenda behind helping almost a half million impovershed oldsters to see again. There must be a malevolent motive why Chavez is spreading his oil wealth to the people who need it the most, after all it's not natural like american corporate greed, so there's gotta be a commie plot in there somewhere.


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