Sunday, March 23, 2008

Coming Soon To A Pub Near You

This utterly disgusts me. Out of control police state mentality is taking over Britain as well as this country and individual freedom is losing ground daily. I don't know what's more repellent, the fact that so-called authorities would do this or that people would be so bovine and docile as to put up with it.

Want a pint of beer? Take a drug test first.

"Customers were tested for drugs before they could go for a pint in an Oxford pub.
About 80 people were tested with a drugs itemiser outside the Blackbird, in Blackbird Leys, last Friday night, with the promise of more crackdowns to come.
Two people were arrested, seven were searched and a quantity of suspected cocaine was found, police said.
Landlord Glen Williams said he wanted to prove drugs were not being taken in his pub.
Officers hailed the stop checks, the first such operation at the Blackbird, a success.
Pc Alex Shepherd said: "Only one person refused to go through and that gentleman was arrested. I believe it was a success and we will be using the itemiser again at the Blackbird and wherever we see fit. This was the first in a line of initiatives to fight drugs we will bringing to The Leys.

"Any time the police want to do it here they are free to do it. Being one of the pubs with most of the black community I would have thought they would have done it before."


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