Saturday, December 22, 2007

What If America Were Invaded And Occupied?

Seizing the high ground by calling the manipulated conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan "wars" was the fascist' greatest coup. By using that term they could bludgeon opposition, get their massive funding and begin the process of fashioning a national security police state. The recipients of this american largesse see it a lot differently, of course, but are seldom heard from in the contemptible MSM as that would put a different face on what exactly we're doing in those countries.


There's a new movie out called "Meeting Resistance"

"MEETING RESISTANCE is a verité-style non-fiction feature-length film set in the streets, alleyways and ubiquitous teashops of the Adamiyah neighborhood of Baghdad. It enters the physical and psychological heart of the "Insurgency" against the American-led occupation. Photojournalists/directors Steve Connors and Molly Bingham spent ten-months among the insurgents there to create this exclusive, unique, and at once horrifying, compelling and insightful film about their lives, motivation, and goals."

Sounds like something our mass murdering cabal wouldn't want us to see. Trailer here.

added - Meanwhile summing up the maladministration's year the most incompetent secretary of state in living memory says
"We don't have permanent enemies," she said. "What we have is a policy that is open to ending confrontation or conflict with any country that is wiling (sic)to meet us on those terms."

"Those terms" meaning you take what we dish out and STFU.


Blogger spooked said...

I didn't watch the video, but this is precisely why I have always felt some sympathy for the insurgents in Iraq-- it's their fucking country and I would be doing the same thing here if the US was invaded by say China, as they are doing to us in Iraq.

23/12/07 8:06 AM  
Blogger nolocontendere said...

It's exactly what they did with Vietnam - the war of liberation by the Vietnamese was branded a "communist takeover" = the war of liberation by the Iraqis is our war against terrorism.
Being against the occupation = being "against" the troops.
All done with cold, calculating intent to extend the conflict and extract trillions in the process.

23/12/07 5:32 PM  

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