Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Myth Of US Invincibility In The Persian Gulf

Old news, but timely as more ships sail to the waters off Iran. Joe Vialls actually warned about this almost five years ago. Wargamers in 2002 using computer simulations to fight against an Iran-like country in the Persian Gulf covered up the fact that the US fleet was destroyed almost immediately - after the fleet was "sunk", they just refloated it and continued with the games. It should be noted that Iran's missile defense has gotten far more sophisticated since that time.

"As the war games were about to commence on July 18 2002, Gen. William "Buck" Kernan, head of the Joint Forces Command, told the press that the operation would test a series of new war-fighting concepts recently developed by the Pentagon, concepts like "rapid decisive operations, effects-based operations, operational net assessments," and the like. Later, at the conclusion of the games, Gen. Kernan insisted that the new concepts had been proved effective. At which point, JOINTFOR drafted recommendations to Gen. Richard Myers, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, based on the experiment's satisfactory results in such areas as doctrine, training and procurement.

But not everyone shared Gen. Kernan's rosy assessment. It was sharply criticized by the straight-talking Marine commander who had been brought out of retirement to lead Force Red. His name was Lt. Gen. Paul Van Riper, and he had played the role of the crazed but cunning leader of the hypothetical rogue state. Gen. Van Riper dismissed the new military concepts as empty sloganeering, and he had reason to be skeptical. In the first days of the "war," Van Riper's Force Red sent most of the US fleet to the bottom of the Persian Gulf.

Not all of the details about how Force Red accomplished this have been revealed. The Pentagon managed to keep much of the story out of the press. But a thoroughly disgruntled Van Riper himself leaked enough to the Army Times that it's possible to get at a sense of how a much weaker force outfoxed and defeated the world's lone remaining Superpower."


Blogger spooked said...

Honestly, I still very much doubt that Bush/Cheney will attack Iran. I think they mostly want to do some saber-rattling. Attacking Iran is too nuts, even for these guys.

I can't rule this out of course, but I find it unlikely-- if nothing else because the disruption in oil supplies from the gulf region would be so disruptive to the world economy.

15/11/07 5:15 AM  

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