Saturday, June 09, 2007

War: The Only Way Americans Learn Geography

We might be in for a big lesson.

1. Civil war in Lebanon is being stoked as US supplied Sunni militants fight the US supplied Siniora government while the UN kangaroo court is set up to falsely blame Syria for Hariri's assassination.

2. Syria and Israel are both putting their armies on war footing.

3. Turkey has moved up to a quarter million troops with heavy equipment to the border with Iraq in preparation to invade and demolish the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and any drive for a separate Kurdish state. Today the cross border shelling continues and helicopters are seen entering Iraq.
It's very possible that the massive Turkish invasion will coincide with action taken against Iran, as the Iranians are getting in on the action with artillery barrages of their own.
We must remember that the US stores about 90 nuclear bombs in Turkey at Incirlik Air Base. While under american control the Turks have been training for and do have the ability to drop them.

4. Iraq gets worse by the day.

5. Musharraf is in deep trouble in Pakistan and may lose control of his military with their nuclear devices.

These are all bad signs that much more ugly things may play out very soon. Of course the US is damn well making sure that happens and is actively pushing things in that direction:
"The Central Intelligence Agency has received approval at least twice in the last several years to conduct an “information war” against several countries in the Middle East, including Iran, Lebanon and Syria, according to current and former intelligence officials.
In addition, the Bush Administration has been running operations out of the Defense Department that are not subject to Congressional oversight, intelligence sources say. These programs appear murkier, and have included support for an alleged terrorist group in Iran

Another sign that things are accelerating toward violent change is the sudden replacement of Marine General Peter Pace as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with Navy Admiral Mike Mullen. I find it more than interesting that an admiral will be in charge of american armed forces after an admiral was tasked with heading CENTCOM a couple months ago in a very unusual move. But it's not so unusual if you consider that CENTCOM includes Iran and any war on Iran will be primarily an air and naval operation. Those carrier groups are still steaming around the Persian Gulf after all.

The zionist/fascist agenda is to foment a much wider war in the middle east which topples governments and rearranges the present borders. They want to install compliant governments much friendlier to foreign control over oil resources, and break up countries into squabbling provinces that don't pose any threat to Israel.
Ahh Israel, who's set the stage for an explosion of violence in the region by arming the Kurdish separatists and continuing their false flag enterprises as in "lets you and him fight". As a matter of fact, I haven't seen any proof yet, but some of these attacks against the Turks that inflame the situation at such a volatile time suspiciously bear all the hallmarks of Israeli activities.

Last year the June issue of the American Armed Forces Journal blithely tossed out a future map of the middle east, I guess the grotesque result of Rice's "birth pangs". Our overlords think they're playing a real game of Risk, treating the world as their plaything, with the extermination of whole populations and eradication of entire countries as just strategic moves in the race towards the agenda of total control. As Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya from Global Research put it:

"The Middle East has been conditioned by outside forces into a powder keg that is ready to explode with the right trigger, possibly the launching of Anglo-American and/or Israeli air raids against Iran and Syria. A wider war in the Middle East could result in redrawn borders that are strategically advantageous to Anglo-American interests and Israel."

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