Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Adolph says screw Iraq, show me the money
"WASHINGTON -- Rudolph Giuliani's membership on an elite Iraq study panel came to an abrupt end last spring after he failed to show up for a single official meeting of the group, causing the panel's top Republican to give him a stark choice: either attend the meetings or quit, several sources said.
Giuliani failed to show up for a pair of two-day sessions that occurred during his tenure, the sources said -- and both times, they conflicted with paid public appearances shown on his recent financial disclosure. Giuliani quit the group during his busiest stretch in 2006, when he gave 20 speeches in a single month that brought in $1.7 million."

Giuliani's South Carolina state chairman Charged With Cocaine Distribution

Adolph kisses war criminal butt
"Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met with front-running US presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani in New York on Monday to discuss the current situation in the Middle East."

Firefighters despise Adolph
"Some still speak bitterly about a contract that left firefighters without a raise for two years. Some also say Mr. Giuliani has exaggerated the role he played after the terrorist attacks, casting himself as a hero for political gain. The harshest sentiments stem from Mr. Giuliani’s decision nearly two months after 9/11 to reduce the number of firefighters who were allowed to search for colleagues in the rubble."

New York mayor leaves GOP, says he's disgusted to be in same party as Giuliani


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