Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Imagine My Lack Of Surprise

The worse the Iraq occupation gets, the less coverage it gets on Fox

Remember the breathless saturation coverage when the invasion began in 2003? All the inbedded journos and the rah rah spirit? Now that news from Dune isn't reflecting too well on the scumbags who got us into this nightmare...

"What's more important: Iraq or Anna Nicole Smith?
Depends on which network you're watching.
According to PEJ's first quarter News Coverage Index, "MSNBC and CNN were much more consumed with the war in Iraq than was Fox." In daytime, FNC devoted 6 percent of its time to Iraq, and 17 percent of its time to Anna Nicole. For CNN, the mix was 20 percent Iraq, 5 percent Anna; for MSNBC, the mix was 18 percent Iraq, 10 percent Anna."


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