Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bunnypants To Get Gigantic SS Squad For Retirement

In a story otherwise concerned with the strain on the secret service by all the presidential hopefuls here's how the Washington Post puts it:

"And while the 2008 campaign gets going, the service is also gearing up for January 2009, when President Bush is set to leave office; officials are mindful of the 1993 assassination effort by Iraq against his father, former president George H.W. Bush. The service has begun training agents to fill 103 full-time slots as to be part of the current president's retirement detail."

A little scared, aren't we? But that wasn't what struck me about this paragraph.
Just tossing out bullshit is run of the mill for the MSM. It's like their job is to create this background noise of lies to support the current shit from being too closely analyzed.
So the reason given for that phalanx of Praetorian Guards is that someone wanted his father dead. Yet that "assassination attempt" was strictly theater, a propaganda lie cooked up for the rubes.

"FBI agents sent to Kuwait to investigate the car bomb assassination threat against Bush believed the entire operation was bogus. They believed the Kuwaiti government rounded up a few Iraqi whiskey smugglers, planted Iraqi ordnance left in Kuwait by Iraqi forces as "evidence," and staged the entire assassination plot in order to ingratiate themselves to Bush and put pressure on the Clinton administration to retaliate against Iraq. The FBI team that interrogated the accused Iraqi "assasins" sent their reports back to FBI headquarters by secure fax rather than official State Department communications channels because those circuits are routinely monitored by the CIA and National Security Agency and would have assuredly come to the attention of Woolsey and Bush's allies at Langley. The faxes consisted of 30 to 50 pages per night. A Kuwaiti judge later dismissed the assassination charges against Iraq due to lack of evidence."


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