Saturday, November 25, 2006

Venezuela In The Crosshairs

By all reputable accounts Hugo Chavez enjoys massive support from the Venezuelan population and leads his opponent in the Dec. 3 election by a wide margin, almost 2 to 1 in some polls. Since Chavez represents the populist Bolivarian movement that challenges corporatocracy and privilege, he and what he represents have been under unremitting attack on all fronts short of war. MSM knows it's marching orders:

MSNBC - Hugo Faces His Toughest Test
"Like so many populists in Latin America, Chávez loves the Venezuelan poor as they are, and wants to keep them that way."

Int. Herald Tribune - Chavez is rigging the election.

ABC - Chavez throws hissy fits and nobody pays attention to him anymore.

Eva Golinger is a Venezuelan-American lawyer specializing in human rights. She wrote a book called "The Chavez Code - Cracking US Intervention in Venezuela" where she used the freedom of information act to get proof that the US was behind the attempted coup against Chavez in 2002. The meddling never stopped and the fascists are quite busy in the public arena and especially covertly, financing 132 anti - Chavez opposition groups. The US has imposed sanctions, made up accusations of drug trafficking and terrorist activities and has operated with paramilitaries along the border with Columbia. There was possibly even an assassination attempt back in late September.

Look for more crap to be dumped on Chavez in the next week leading up to the election down there. The fascists are up to their old tricks in trying to destabilize western hemisphere governments that don't suck up to corporate hegemony. The fascists hate the thought of real democracy spreading across the Americas - and they're looking at Venezuela as the threat of a good example.


Psycho-babel: a ponerological approach to modern double-speak - For a psycopath, the only injustice is not getting what he wants - power.
Speaking of psycopaths:
Dick Cheney: the most dangerous man in the world.


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