Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Now We All Know The Truth

US military forces are never going to leave Iraq. It's been well known for several years that the military was building 14 bases around the country. But this revelation should show anybody the true reason for invading a non threatening country, slaughtering innocent people and putting American troops in harms way - EXCLUSIVE: BILLION DOLLAR BUNKER

Several "superbases" are going to be built with "15ft blast walls and ground-to-air missiles and the main building will have bunkers for use during air offensives.
The grounds will include as many as 300 houses for consular and military officials.
And a large-scale barracks will be built for Marines who will protect what will be Washington's biggest and most secure overseas building."

"You may as well move the Pentagon to Iraq. It will be amazingly secure but it also flies in the face of claims American is preparing to leave Iraq to be policed and governed by Iraqis."

The money is going to come from Iraqi oil revenue that was supposed to go to rebuilding the country.

Tell us once again, you lying scumbags, how we all got to this nightmare. Tell us about your mythical boogabooga weapons. Tell us about that made up nuke program. Open your smarmy pieholes and tell the world again how we're going to make Iraq a better place instead of the smoking, irradiated ruin you've turned it into. Shit all over us with the lie that this wasn't done for the oil.
And don't forget to lie again about how we're drawing down and about to hand the country over.


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